Services   Standard
Pricing   79.99$ 99.99$ 149.99$
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HDR Pictures
Up to 30 Standard pictures   check    
Up to 30 High Definition pictures     check check
Numeric files check check check
Download on your CENTRIS     check check
Virtual Tours
360° pictures +15$ 1 room(s) 2 room(s)
HDR video (coming soon)    
Web * The Web service are not offered anymore under this plateform - Please call for more info
Social networks marketing   check check
Google Map   check check
Web album   check check
Google Adwords     check
Youtube Video       check
Weather insurance +30$ check check
Rush +30$ +30$ check
Picture enhancing +30$ +30$ check
Green Up +30$ +30$ +30$
Picture Editing 30$ per picture 25$ per picture 15$ per picture
5 properties for the price of 4   check check check
20% discount for new clients     check check
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